Strategies plans of GST (2013 – 2015)

         Genetics Society of Thailand is an honor society with history over 30 years. GST was established from a conference at Mahidol University in the topic of “Genetics and country development” which is arranged at Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital on November 27 – December 1978. Many genetic academic professionals in Thailand were recruited to share information and suggestion in order to bring genetics to develop the country. After the conference, “Genetics club of Thailand” were originated which professor Supa Na Nakorn was the club president afterward the club was registered as “Genetics Society of Thailand” in 1985. Genetics club of Thailand (GST) have a crucial role in recruitment of academic professionals, researchers, and experts involving in genetic sciences in order to arrange academic activities to exchange genetic knowledge and technology for the society. Another role of GST is to utilize information and knowledge about genetic sciences to define policies and strategies for development of Thailand which is the major aim before establishment of Genetics Club of Thailand and Genetics Society of Thailand. Over 30 years, GST has produced a lot of beneficial activities for GST members, academic society and Thailand. GST is gradually developed together with genetic knowledge and technology. However, the development of GST in aspect of management was not well up-to-date. Therefore, new executive directors who took the position from July 17, 2013 to July 15, 2015 are planning for better management in order that GST will be developed and have more distinctive role as the following;
          GST needed to be adjusted image, role, activities and outputs to be more visibility which lead to more benefit for members and society. To gain reliability and trust, GST has set up constant and effective announcement of honors, activities, outputs and other advantages for the society. Accordingly, history book of GST is needed to be assembled and also GST website needed to be improved.
          GST has to expand and increase the number of GST members together with management of member database to collect and be up-to-date.
          Management and performance of GST are needed to be improved for more efficiency which conducted by GST team consisting of network committees, executive directors and supervised by the president. All of the members in GST team are expertise in each discipline and sacrifice for the GST activities which are various based on each division either academic service or workshops and eventually promote benefit for Thailand.
          Funding and resources is essential in arranging activities which is increasing; therefore, all of consultant and committee of GST are required to support. Good governance, honesty, accountability and responsibility are our policies.
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